All About the Cats (AATC) is an all-volunteer, feline rescue. Our team comes from a myriad of professions and backgrounds but the common goal we share is to find as many forever homes as we can for our cats and kittens. Many of these animals come directly off of the south Florida streets or from kill shelters.

We proudly take in kitties with ringworm, mange, urinary and upper respiratory infections, eye issues, broken bones—you name it! Every heartfelt, sad situation that we can lend our help to, we do! 

AATC has a network of satellite foster homes all across Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties, so that our cats and kittens can be in loving environments while learning how to be the purrrfect additions to their forever families! Our kitties get vetted, fixed and socialized until they have a completed health certificate. We then either adopt them out locally or transport them to our shelter partners in New England, where they are put up for adoption there.

From the time they get to the shelters until the time they are adopted is an average of about one week.

AATC is proudly sponsored by The Bogatin Foundation II. They have sponsored the rescue of over 1300 cats in 2018 and over 2000 cats in 2019.