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Valerie - From Traumatic Beginnings to a Loving Home

It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, Valerie was left for dead along the side of the road after being hit by a car. When a good samaritan found her and took her to the vet.

After x-rays, an ultrasound and many more diagnostics, it was determined that she was pregnant with six kittens, had a punctured lung and head trauma. Her head was badly swollen with her left eye almost completely swelled shut. It seemed like the odds were stacked against her.

But Valerie is a fighter, and she refused to give up. She was transported to Animal Care and Control and later that afternoon pulled by our wonderful foster Vivian who immediately took her to our vet. Our vet confirmed that she was indeed pregnant and in very bad shape. Valerie gave birth to six very premature kittens that evening. Unfortunately, four of the kittens were stillborn and the remaining two only survived for three days. It was a heartbreaking situation, but through it all, Valerie retained her fighting spirit.

Throughout her recovery, Valerie proved to be an incredibly compliant and loving cat. She took her medication and allowed treatment with grace and dignity, never complaining. And despite everything she had been through, she still managed to turn blossom into a very affectionate and loving cat.

Today, Valerie is now a beautiful, happy and healthy cat who loves nothing more than being by her human's side. She does not like to be picked up, possibly due to the initial trauma she experienced from her injuries, but she's always ready for pets and loves to play with her toys. And when she's not busy exploring and playing, you can find her relaxing on her cat tower by the window, enjoying the sunshine and the view.

Finally, the day arrived when Valerie was ready to find her forever home. She had come so far, and we knew that she deserved to be with a family who would love and care for her always. So, we loaded Valerie up for transport and headed off to Salem Animal Rescue in New Hampshire, where we knew she would find her forever home. Valerie and her feline companion, Maybelle were adopted together by a kind loving family.

And so, Valerie truly found her happy ever after. She is now living the good life with her new family, surrounded by love and comfort. She may have had a rough start in life, but she has come so far and we couldn't be happier for her. She is truly a special cat, and we are grateful to have been a part of her journey.

Valerie is a true survivor and an inspiration to us all. Her journey from near-death to a loving, happy home is a testament to the strength of the human-animal bond and the resilience of the feline spirit.

Special Thank you to Vivian, Valerie's amazing foster mom, to Salem Animal Rescue for helping Valerie find her forever home and to Valerie's forever family for deciding to give this wonderful ,sweet girl a home to call her own.

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