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Wet vs. Dry Food For Cats

It’s one of the most often asked questions of cat owners: When it comes to feeding my cat, what’s better? Wet or dry cat food?

Here’s the good news. If your cat is in good health and you’re feeding 100% complete and balanced cat foods appropriate for your cat’s life stage, there is no wrong answer to this question. Whether you’re feeding wet or dry cat food, your cat is getting the nutrition her body needs to support good health.

It really comes down to your cat’s individual preferences. We admire and respect our cats for their independent nature. So think of mealtime as another chance to discover and feed your cat’s uniqueness.

Does your cat prefer the crunchy texture of dry food? Or the variety of textures available in wet foods? Keep in mind that dry cat food offers dental, teeth-cleaning benefits. And the moisture in wet foods helps provide your cat with healthy hydration.

Looking to create an even more exciting mealtime for your cat? Whether you’re feeding wet or dry cat food (or both), consider offering your cat’s food in a puzzle feeder that encourages her to “play” with her food. And as with any changes to your cat’s diet, be sure to monitor your cat’s weight and adjust food amounts accordingly.

Remember, cats can have broad food preferences and crave variety. If that describes your cat, consider offering your cat new tastes and textures. Monitoring your cat’s preferences to wet vs. dry cat food and creating new meal experiences with this in mind is another very powerful way to strengthen the bond you share.


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